East/West Combined Sewer Flow

The East and West Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) are part of the City’s CSO management program which is being conducted under a consent decree with the U.S. EPA and Georgia EPD. Because of the tight deadlines of the consent decrees, the S. L. King & Associates, Inc. (SLKA) team created a project schedule that allowed for parallel designs of the East and West facilities. Additionally, we accelerated the design program to provide the City’s construction group with nearly a year of additional construction float, which is where the project delays become difficult to prevent.

For these projects, SLKA provided complete electrical, building mechanical, and instrumentation design services for the two large CSO Treatment Plan Facilities Projects. These projects were designed to treat combined sewage from new/modified deep storage tunnels. The extent of our designs include deep well pumping stations and complete treatment facilities. SLKA provided complete design including all drawings and specifications for both the East and West CSO.

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