Big Creek Odor Control

For several years, Fulton County has tried various methods of dealing with odor problems associated with the Big Creek plant, but none proved successful. This time the county embarked on a $5 million plan in which the aeration basins and digesters are covered. This air is piped into scrubbers that remove the airborne particles carrying the odors.

S. L. King & Associates, Inc. (SLKA) was responsible for all electrical engineers services required the replacement and expansion of an odor control system for the Big Creek facility headworks. The project scope included the addition of scrubbers, pumping, and chemical systems contained in a new odor control building that served bar screen and grit chamber equipment. In addition, per NEC guidelines, new motor controls, variable speed controllers, instrumentation, underground distribution, lighting and fire alarm systems were also added to electrically hazardous areas.

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